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Henrietta of England, Charles II’s sister, is my namesake. Her sad, short life is intriguing and unfortunate, but I like the history and gossip surrounding her. Born in June of 1644 during a civil war, Henrietta was whisked away at the age of three and raised in the French court. Her father Charles I was eventually beheaded. There she was called Minette. First cousin to Louis XIV, she lived with her mother in the Louvre for a time. There was talk of her being married to the French King, but his mother, Anne, arranged a different alliance, and Minette was married to his brother Philippe I, Duke of Orleans. As the Duchess of Olreans, she was rumored to have had an affair with her own first cousin LouisXIV, and the Count of Guiche. There were many letters between her and her brother, Charles II. She took part in diplomatic relations between England and France and had a wide interest in the arts, having associations with famous artist and musicians of the era. She died at the young age of twenty-six, thinking she had been poisoned, but most likely died of  gastroenteritis.

Various sites used to gather this information include Wikipedia, Google photos,and Historical Honey

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