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Night at the Opera!


One of the loves I share with my co-writer and friend Zoe is that we love to go to the Opera. My husband has kept season tickets for the last few years and we rarely miss these wonderful productions by the Houston Grand Opera. The night he proposed, he did so before we saw the Magic Flute. I have seen it three times, in three different cities and HGO is my favorite production of Mozart to date. Besides the wonderful voices, libretto, and elaborate sets, it is fun to get dressed up and drink champagne with friends. Zoe and her husband have attended every Opera night that I can remember and its such a joy to know people who love art and music. My sweet husband has booked a special get away to Calgary to see an Opera I have been dying to see. Stay tuned, and I will let you know how it turns out. Canada is amazingly beautiful, so the scenery alone will be worth going.

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