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One of the things that I love most about writing is that I can do it anywhere, but home is where the bulk of my work is done. My favorite part is the furry muses that surround me, giving me inspirational vibes as I click away at the keys. This morning I have sent the first round of our edits back to Zoe for approval on the blog story (found in thirteen rough draft excerpts below). We wanted to show the writing process and transition for our blog followers.

In the excerpts, you can see who wrote what part of the tale, but in the edits, we both craft the details by adding, cutting and pasting until the file is covered in blue and red mark-ups…unreadable until approved and cleared. It’s not an easy part of writing, but necessary to make the vision a seamless tale. I hope to post the edited version soon, in a single post, so that our readers may see the transition from rough, rough draft to edited and ready to submit. Until then, I am off to work on book four, before Zoe hands back the edits for book three! She is a silent task master…that propels me to get to work;-)

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