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Looking forward to a Happy 2017…


As I write this, the final countdown has fifteen-ish hours left of 2016, and as I look back it seems like the year is a blur. 2016 was the fastest year on record for me. I barely had time to get the holiday decorations up and my Christmas presents wrapped. I have read books about the passing of time; how it whirs by as you get older and your body slows down. I suppose this is another sign that I am aging… or that life has been so exciting and busy that I cant seem to catch up. I think I will stick to the latter. This has been an amazing year, though our first book release has been delayed until late February 2017. We signed our second book contract in October and finished book three. The story we started on our blog has now evolved to a full novel and we will be putting the finishing chapters on in early 2017. Plus, Zoe has come up with an all new Genre that we hope to have a home for by mid year. I am happy for all of our writing accomplishments, since Zoe and I both finished books on our own this year. We continue to write and love the surprises and changes that assail us with each added section to our manuscript. We wish you and your family a most Happy New Year and please join us for our upcoming release Late February. Its a humorous contemporary romance set in West Texas with some larger than life Characters that keep the pages turning. We promise more excitement to come, so stay tuned.

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Latest Blog

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