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The Lost Kitchen, by Miriam Green




The Lost Kitchen is a book of recipes, poems, and a heartfelt story of a woman working through the pains of losing her mother to Alzheimer’s. I didn’t know what I would think about the layout of this very different book, but it flows incredibly well. Mixing all the ingredients of the three subjects together, the author bakes up the perfect complex map of what it’s like to be with an individual battling Alzheimer’s. Miriam’s love and respect for her family is immense, and she tells the reader just how to weather the storm of loss, savoring the days for what they are.

 If you know someone, or have a loved one who has this illness, you will identify with Miriam’s plight. I lost a loved one to Alzheimer’s. This book touched my heart, made me laugh, cry and contemplate the meaning of each poem. (Frog in My Throat is one of my favorites.)I am not a huge fan of poetry, but I loved these funny, heartfelt, meandering sentiments that truly described the confusion and frustration of all given parties. I even bought another copy of the book for my sister in-law as a gift. I found it very therapeutic and inspiring to read.

With scrumptious recipes that have awakened my desire to try new things, Miriam Green makes things seem simple. Warm and inviting Cauliflower soup, Bubalehs, to peanut butter-chocolate cake, she shares recipes from across the Atlantic while describing her exotic location in Israel. I’m not Jewish but found her explanation of the food and culture interesting. The book is filled with enticing chapters of food, family, and  how her faith related to cooking. With humor and strength, Miriam shares the warm memories of her family together, in the kitchen of their past and present.

With respect, dignity and love, Miriam Green’s book is inspiring, humbling and teaches that we are all humans with the same essential needs. Savor the moment you are in and find a place in your heart to remember with love.

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