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When Blood Runs Cold, by Daniella Bernett


When Blood Runs Cold, an Emmeline Kirby and Gregory Longdon Mystery, By Daniella Bernett, is just as adventurous as book one in her series! Emmeline’s world is tossed upside down from page one, and a bitter need to find justice has her searching out the old friends who can help her. Superintendent Burnell plays a lead role in the investigations, as she works her way through the mystery of her parents’ murder, Russian espionage and other loose ends that turn up in the story. Sergeant Finch, Gregory and Phillip Acheson of the Foreign Office are all there to help put the pieces of the puzzle together, but things run away from her as she checks out a lead on a new story. Investigating the background of a prominent businessman, Victor Royce, for her latest article, she discovers a lot more than the inner workings of his business. In all the threads unraveling, Gregory’s longtime nemesis, Swanbeck, has come back to even the playing field and more than just Gregory’s life is on the line. Royce shares a common interest in bringing Swanbeck to justice, and the grand scheme to undermine Swanbeck just might be the end to a very intense game. Gregory’s new position with an insurance agency brings old assets back into play. Could Emmeline be engaged to a thief once more? Burnell is never thrilled to see Gregory’s handsome face, but the superintendent will have to endure the annoyance for Emmeline’s and all their sakes. Don’t miss this adventuresome, page-turning, fast-paced mystery. Daniella Bernett has done it again. A great read for any curl up-in-front-of-the-fire occasion.

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