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Saralyn Richard’s A Palette for Love and Murder: A Detective Parrott Mystery


Saralyn Richard has done it again! Delving into the twists and turns of the lavishly rich, Detective Parrott goes on a hunt for an art thief in the Brandywine Valley. When a murder follows on the heels of his investigation, Parrott treads carefully, trying to balance the obligations of his job and the logistics for the New York based Murder. Parrott’s new wife, Tonya, suffers from PTSD. She stretches the line of duty taut with her need to heal previous traumas. Will she cross the boundaries of Parrott’s investigation and become a target for the next crime. Art dealers, Relatives, jealous girlfriends, the mansion’s staff, jilted lovers, ghosts from the past, and an ex-nun…who is responsible for the painting’s disappearance and is it the same culprit who murdered the famous artist Blake Allmond? Blackmail, lies and shifting alliances makes this the perfect who done it! Wonderfully written and keeps you guessing until the very end. Don’t miss this highly entertaining mystery.

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A Murder of Principal, by Saralyn Richard

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