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The Rendezvous in Paris, Book One in The Blue Coat Saga, by Belle Ami


The Rendezvous in Paris (The Blue Coat) is the first book in an intriguing new series that holds all the mysticism of time travel, romance that spans generations and historical details of World War II. Author of the award winning Out of Time Series, Belle Ami has crafted a well told story with an intricate plot and rich characters.

When Rose loses her dear grandmother to cancer and is bequeathed all her worldly treasures, she has no idea about the true value of the possessions she inherits. A tattered coat doesn’t seem like much, but paired with a beautifully crafted heirloom, its energy is more than transforming.

Taken in by a league of sisterly Holocaust survivors and friends of her belated grandmother, Rose is asked to assume the position her grandmother held in fighting anti-Semitism and a new rising world order. Though she doesn’t understand her role or the cryptic dreams that call her to take a stand, she can’t ignore what must be done.

A mysterious stranger appears on her grandmother’s stoop on the first day of shiva, making a lasting impression on Rose and fueling her mother’s distrust. Though she hardly knows the handsome, young man that says he knew her grandmother, Rose is compelled to reach out to him when she needs help. A trip across the world will shed light on the past and the future, but will it be enough to stop the evil that targets the Jewish population and covers the world in a blanket of hate once more. If you enjoyed The Girl Who Loved Da Vinci or The Girl who loved Caravaggio, don’t miss this trip back in time to the siege against The Third Reich in The Blue Coat Saga. The Rendezvous in Paris is the first book in Belle Ami’s brave new series that captures the reader’s imagination and instills hope in humanity.

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