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Greenlights, by Matthew McConaughey

I recently saw a great review of, Greenlights, by Matthew McConaughey, just as I was looking for my next Audible. I like McConaughey’s movies, and I have a place in the Austin area, too. So, I thought I’d give it a go – see what this Texas celebrity has to say about his life. At first, it sounded like a self help book, and I worried I had downloaded it too soon. There is a preacher-like intro that had me on the fence about continuing to listen, but I am glad I did. Matthew, at fifty, has a lot to say and an impressive resume of thought provoking philosophies and an abundance of life experience. He’s funny, down to earth, someone who takes dedication to succeeding to a whole different level, but the average Joe can learn something from the stories Matthew tells. Not afraid to laugh at himself or confront his flaws, I found myself appreciating his talents even more than I did in, True Detective, one of my favorites shows to this day. If you don’t like the book in the first 30 min, keep listening! You will laugh, be amused, envious and even impressed by this celebrity memoir. I thoroughly enjoyed this audio, written and narrated by Matthew McConaughey. 

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