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Bad Blood Sisters, by Saralyn Richard


In Saralyn Richard’s, Bad Blood Sisters, Quinn McFarland lives a mostly quiet life, in a small coastal town, where everyone knows everything about everybody… except they really don’t. At almost thirty, Quinn is happy to work in the family business, and she doesn’t worry too much about the stigma attached to preparing the dead. She’s got a handsome new doctor boyfriend, who seems to understand her and the help she provides to the community. When her old BFF, Anna, turns up at the funeral home to be put to rest, Quinn is forced to revisit the past.

In high school, Anna was everything to Quinn. They were blood sisters, who swore eternal loyalty to one another. They vowed to keep all secrets, especially the one about seeing Anna’s neighbor murdered by a dark-haired man. When Anna steals Quinn’s boyfriend, their friendship falls apart, but Quin never forgets or reneges on her promise to keep their secret.

Over a decade later, Anna and her husband share a different secret, and Quinn doesn’t have much of a clue what it is but knows it’s the reason Anna ends up dead. When Quinn’s home is invaded, and a threatening note is left for her, she realizes that her life is about to change— and not in a good way. When the police arrive on the scene, the last thing Quinn expects is to become a suspect, but with Anna dead, and a few other life changing events factoring into the equation, Quinn realizes she needs a good lawyer to protect her and her secret.

Saralyn Richard is a master of twists and turns. Bad Blood Sisters is a titillating novel that delves into the dark side of a sleepy coastal town. A tale of sex trafficking, drugs, and secrets that are too sinister not to leave a string of murders. Bad Blood Sisters is a real page turner. Don’t miss this sticky web of vowed promises and decisions gone wrong that will make you wonder if Quinn is next on the murder list.

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