About Minette Lauren

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As soon as I was old enough to write, I composed a play in one act about the love of Seth and Beth. Probably inspired by my favorite movie at that time “Gone With the Wind.” I was in the second grade so I don’t remember much about the story but it was the beginning of a lifelong interest and career. I sent off my first novel at age 22 topping a whopping 100,000 words. It was immediately rejected and is in a box somewhere in my closet. My second publish attempt was a decade later at an equal length, followed by an equal amount of rejection. With some helpful advice from a publisher, I felt I was gaining ground. I started and stopped many stories after my two publishing attempts, looking for the story to write. While working on a novel about soulmates and soul-keepers, my writer friend V needed some motivation. We started a chain of exercise paragraphs that have led to two completed manuscripts in two different genres. So far, we have gotten a lot of positive feedback.

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Bogart