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Sinful Seduction, by Jacqueline Seewald

McIntyre is brave, intelligent and determined to do what’s right, even if it involves avoiding her most debonair admirer who tempts her at every turn. Rescued from the clutches of dangerous highway men by the unknown, Peter Smythe, she is indebted to him for her virtue and her life, but it is those two things she may very well be asked to surrender to the handsome rogue.

Anne is the picture of a revolutionary school mistress, modest, proper, and the perfect match for the gentle reverend, even if his overbearing mother has other inclinationsLiving in the remote Pine Barrens, during the unsteady period of the American Revolution, Anne has set her future on a safe and sure course, but when her knight in not so shining armor keeps showing up at the most unsuspecting places, demanding the one thing she isn’t willing to give, a passion awakens inside her that the prim school mistress can’t tamp down.

The chaos of war and falling in love is difficult, but making the right choices is hard when your heart pumps with conflicting emotions. Peter Smythe’s mysterious presence, her honor bound betrothal to the reverend and the many difficulties created by her family and friends tear at her defenses and test her dignity. Lines are drawn in the sand and boundaries are definitely crossed,landing Anne in the hands of her sinful seducer once more, but who is Peter Smythe and will he redeem his honor for her.

Seewald weaves a romantic tale full of difficult choices and smoldering passion. It’s not the typical regency romance that has a sure ending, but instead, a twisting, titillating story that will have you intrigued to know the outcome between the toohandsome, devilish captain and the proper school mistress with a feisty temper and an iron-clad moral consternation. Don’t miss this page turning, steamy, historical romance.

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