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Million Dollar Momma, by Sherry Morris

Million Dollar Momma (20th Century American History Mystery Series Book 3)

In Sherry Morris’s Million Dollar Momma, Donna Payne leads a normal life, filing insurance claims for a less than generous HMO. She is a responsible, hardworking, homeowner, with aspirations of becoming a published romantic mystery author. As a finalist in a writing competition, she heads to the writer’s convention that she knows will change her life, but on the way, there is a snag in the form of a big buck… and not the tall dark and handsome kind. That comes later. First, she totals her car, and is impaled on an antler that catapults her from the vehicle. After the accident, she is patched up in the hospital and sent home. There is a lot of clean up to do in her family life, so things run amuck in the typical Payne family way, this time ending in murder. Who’s to blame— her dear old mother, her fitness instructor sister, her judge and jury brother? The list goes on.

Donna tries to do right by her family but finds herself on the short end of the stick at every turn. With her writing career in a slump and her parents’ house crumbling around her, it’s no wonder she takes a few cat naps to fuel her fortitude. This is where the story gets dreamy. Donna finds herself skipping through time with her “Soul Mate Through History”, Mr. Jones, and she sees the truth of her mother’s secret past. With a sexy host, leading her on multiple grand adventures, Donna makes some discoveries that will truly change her life.

Don’t miss this romantic-comedy-mystery, an original story with a Janet Evanovich flair. The adventure will keep you reading to find out just who done it, what will happen next and where the mystery will end… plus, does Donna find her living breathing Mr. Right. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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