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Waking up in Long Beach, CA is a little gloomy this morning. It seems I brought the Houston monsoon with me, much to the chagrin of my LA friends. Yesterday was much prettier, but I’m hoping the rain will hold back until later this evening so we can enjoy the pool. The ocean is visible from the room, but there are a lot of shipping elements that didn’t make the photo as picturesque. I need to work on editing this morning, but I have to admit I am procrastinating by playing with the blog. I have no problem waking up and writing every morning, but editing is my least favorite writers task and undoubtedly the most important skill to get published. It’s good to learn how to polish my craft, just wish I loved it as much as the actual writing. On the social media side, I still can’t bring myself to go the full spectrum of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, what have you…but I do like blogging a few words of retrospect or contemplation for the day. There is always room to grow;-) Look for upcoming photos and blogs from Greece and Scotland in August and September. I have some wonderful travel plans, and writers research coming up!

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