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Traveling is a wonderful perk in my life. I hate to fly, but I distract myself from fear of impending doom by pulling out my Surface Pro and writing. Sometimes I read from the back log of books in my Kindle, but I feel guilty reading when I could be writing. Flying is also a time I can not be online to research or network through sources of social media, so it’s a perfect time to get work done.

I just returned from a ski week in Vail. My passion for the slopes is similar to my love of riding my Harley. Both hobbies thrill me and throw me back to the enthusiasm I felt as a child. When I am traveling I always feel inspired and it fuels my need for creative expression. Though I may be skiing down Riva Ridge or riding the gondola to the summit, these moments inspire me to build upon current stories or to invent new ones. If I don’t write before hitting the slopes, I write in the evening before going to bed.

I’m always surprised by the twist and turns that my characters take when I am abroad. I feel a sense of fulfillment coming home from a long trip, mind and body well exhausted. My longing for my bed and excitement to see my five dogs is a reward in itself. In the end, there is no place like home and I know that inspiration comes from within.

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