Minette Lauren


My First Murder, by Susan P. Baker




Loved this first book in the Mavis Davis Mystery Series! Set in the hot, humid city of Houston, TX, newbie PI, Mavis, is approached by a concerned restaurant owner, Carl, who may have a crush driving his desire to know the truth about a murdered waitress. 

Mavis is quick to discover that things don’t add up in this supposed serial murder. Against all beliefs of the local authorities and warned to stay out of the investigation by everyone including her boyfriend, Ben, Mavis goes snooping and even breaks a few laws along the way. She needs cash to keep the agency’s doors open and pay her eccentric female staff., but money isn’t the only thing driving Mavis’ unorthodox snooping. She soon heads off to the Dallas area to find out what really happened to the victim, Doris and risks becoming a victim herself. 

Never a dull moment plenty of twist and turns, lots of suspects and a few moments of, “ Is this broad crazy!” Don’t miss this , Murder She Wrote , style Who-done-it!

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