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Murder at the Menger, by Kathleen Kaska

Don’t forget to put your detective hat on, and bring a note pad to keep track of the many zany characters, suspects, and dives. Sydney is a tall, smart, good looking detective with a keen sense of humor and a tag-along, top model cousin. Two women ahead of their time and on the verge of doing time, they leave nothing uncovered in this who-done-it.

A cab driver named Taco, a harlot jazz singer, Nora, and a slew of seedy characters that run between the liquor store, the horse track and the historic Menger hotel are all on the list of suspects. Corpses start stacking up while Sydney’s home life going down skid row. Undeterred by a few snags, she’s at it again, trying to solve a murder in another famous hotel while avoiding being locked up for the very crime she’s investigating.

Bribes, fixed races, dirty money and unkempt places. Put your thinking cap on and see if you can solve this string of illicit deeds that trails from San Antonio to New Orleans and back again. Be it plane, train or automobile, Sydney will get to the bottom of this case in her own determined style. A mostly cozy mystery with lots of humor and a few creepy creatures that crawl, you will find yourself on an entertaining goose chase until the very end.

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Poetry and Pyres, by Zoe Tasia

Warm entertainment with fun plot and mischievous characters…. In Poetry and Pyres, A Shrouded Isle novelette, Jessie is almost all grown up and about to sail off to University. What will that mean for her budding relationship with Gavin?...

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