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Run Rose Run, by Dolly Parton and James Patterson

Run, Rose, Run: A Novel


Run Rose Run is a fast-paced novel with turn after twisty turn to keep the pace. I kept the audio on play almost non-stop until the end. After listening to Patterson’s memoire, James Patterson, I was intrigued to hear the book he co-wrote with Dolly Parton. I was not disappointed. Dolly is a great narrator along with the other great talent in this audio book. Ethan’s voice was as smooth and sultry as the book painted him. The story is a hopeful dream that keeps you rooting for Annie Lee Keys and Ethan until the very end. A Nashville rising star who has the talent to go all the way is haunted by a past that keeps dragging her back into her deepest nightmare. With the way to the top paved in gold and all the big breaks falling at her feet, can Annie finally escape her past and wake up to a bright reality?

I love a great story about any aspiring young artist, and this story reminded me of my book, Chase the Moon. Ruth Anne makes a pretty fabulous guardian angel, and I enjoyed the warmth that her character brought to the story. The songs in Run Rose Run are catchy even if they are read and not sung. I was really hoping to hear Dolly sing, but nothing was disappointing about this novel! I will be reading more of James Patterson. If you haven’t read his autobiography, make sure you do, especially if you are a writer. His stories are entertaining and it’s a quick listen read by the man himself. Fast-paced, engaging and a feel good story with a thrilling edge, don’t miss Run Rose Run.

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