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This is my last night in Aspen, CO and it has been an amazing vacation. It was my last ski trip of the season and I am going home looking like Rudolph, though I used spf 30 everyday. The blue bird days were worth the sunburn and the spring skiing conditions were superb!

I love traveling and being active. Skiing is an intensive, addictive sport that allows me to eat, drink and be merry without taking home too many extra pounds. I feel something special when I am in the mountains. It fuels my energy to explore and be creative. I take pictures for all our social media accounts and I try to keep the photos real and up to the moment. The pic above, of the high alpine Aspens, is amazing to me because of the stark color difference between the barren branches and the brilliant blue sky.

When I visit Colorado, I think of the old gold rush days, or in Aspen’s case, the silver rush. I wonder who may have been here and what went on in the saloon downstairs, at the hotel where we are staying. It has been here since 1889. I imagine the rose colored glass ceiling and the light it would have cast on the ladies who were patrons of the hotel. I wonder who shoveled the snow off the glass ceiling back in the late 1800’s!

There are so many stories to write and so much fun to be had. My travel adventures interfere with my word productivity. I worry that I won’t turn out enough books for all the stories that float through my mind as I play in the snow or walk through ancient ruins, but then I remind myself that the time spent exploring is fuel for inspiration…that is truly the means to The End!

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