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Apples Never Fall, by Liane Moriarty

I have read every one of Moriarty’s books, and I must say, it is rare for me to read every book by any author. I was surprised to see anyone give this book less than four stars, since it was riveting from the beginning to the end. So many diverse characters, a never ending twist of plot, meandering thoughts that touched on every feeling a family could have, and personal traits revealed in each character that made the reader look inside themselves. It made me question my own feelings and actions.

A competitive tennis family, a random stranger, a lifetime of guilt, love and regrets make the perfect backdrop for a missing person’s case. I love how this author comes up with such original scenarios for each story but doesn’t lose her intriguing and talented voice. It would be hard for me to pick my most favorite Moriarty book, but I thought this story was a real winner. I look forward to and anxiously await the next!

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