West With Giraffes, by Lynda Rutledge, is a heart-warming adventure about a teenaged dust-bowler who is down and out, a red-hot, aspiring, young reporter with a broken heart, and a determined zoo worker with a love of animals that will stop at nothing to reach the San Diego Zoo. With a stark, Grapes of Wrath vibe and a charming, Water for Elephants narrative, this epic adventure of three unlikely souls, towing Giraffes from east to west coast is an uplifting page turner for readers of any age or lovers of any genre. Animal enthusiast will be on the edge of their seat as they listen to the soothing tones of narrator, Danny Campbell, navigate the lions of life as the trio trek cross-country to deliver the two astonishing giraffes to California. Through the recollections of Woody, a dust bowl survivor, war veteran and centurion, he tells one last memory of his life in hopes that it reaches a most important lady. Don’t miss this poignant love story of animals, adventure, and hope.  Heidi's Guide to Four Letter Words Heidi’s Guide to Four Letter Words, by Tara Sivec and Andi Ardnt, is a hilariously funny romcom about a twenty-four-year-old kindergarten teacher. After losing her job molding young minds, she is about to lose her own when faced with telling her mother about her new place of employment. Never mind that she lives in a small Minnesota town, where everyone knows everyone, when her mother finds out that she’s working for an audio production company that reads lady porn, she will surely be disowned. Heidi feels lost, doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life, and can’t even work up the nerve to tell the hottie next door she likes him. Floundering with what to do next, she sorts through a box of media equipment castoffs and tells her sorrows to the world in a podcast that is sure to burn the ears off her blog listeners. Suddenly she is out of the box…or maybe just out of box wine. This is a wholesome love story with some naughty page turners that will have you laughing out loud. Don’t miss this freebie included in your Audible subscription, and if you don’t have a subscription yet, it’s totally worth the price.Sponsored Ad - Blindsided: A Best Friends to Lovers Standalone   With almost 2,500 reviews and an almost five-star rating for Blindsided, I doubt author Amy Daws needs my two cents on her beautifully written, hilariously funny, and highly entertaining rom-com. But, because I try to review every good book I read, this one is a must. So here is my take on the spinoff story of Mac and Freya from the hot, hot, hot Harris Brothers Series. Freya Cook is almost thirty, lives in London, has a job she loves and a best friend that most women would give their left breast to shag, but unlike most women, Freya isn’t into happily-ever-after. She is perfectly happy living alone with her fat and sassy cat, Hercules, in her small, cozy flat where she loves to watch, Heartland, with her famous footballer friend, Mac Logan. Never mind that she doesn’t know that Netflix and Chilling with your BFF can end up with an entirely different version of watching the telly. His famous footballer status, their constant bickering, and his annoying nickname for her, Cookie, assures her that she holds a solid position in the friends zone. After a game of Never Have I Ever gets out of hand at a party, and Freya drinks to every naughty thing that she can’t even imagine, Mac gets angry and swoops in to take her home. When Freya confesses that she’s an almost thirty-year-old virgin, Mac comes up with a plan that might just benefit the besties in a way they’ve never, ever tried before. However, friends with benefits has a steep price, and though the heat is off the charts, Mac’s life events might scorch Cookie’s new taste for “The Sex.” This was truly a fun story with a heartfelt plot, a beautiful London setting, and characters you won’t want to put down. I hope to see more of Mac and Freya in Daws’s other upcoming novels. This was my favorite romcom of the year!  

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In Amy Daws’s, Wait With Me, Kate Smith is anything but boring. In fact, she is steaming up the customer service center at the Tire Depot while indulging in some much-needed writing calories. Free coffee and cookies aren’t the only reason she’s turned the Tire Depot into her new office. After tripping into hunky mechanic, Miles Hudson, Kate’s fingers fly over the keys of her laptop with scenes that would set the CSC on fire with the heat if its patrons only knew. Churning out more pages than she ever could in her sterile condo with too many scenes from her past, the Tire Depot has become Kate’s not so secret haven. Creative juices and unlimited hot coffee flowing, Kate gets to work turning up the heat in her Bed and Breakfast erotica series. Miles is anxious to find out more about the sexy redhead who has become a permanent fixture to the Tire Depot Customer Service Center. The instant attraction he feels when she almost mows him down has him chomping at the bit to see more of her, but something about the super sexy writer is throwing a wrench in his plan. Though he suspects she writes something rather naughty, she doesn’t give off a one-night stand vibe. With his mind telling him to stop and his body telling him to go, things get complicated around the water cooler. A page turner from the start, don’t miss this laugh out loud, super steamy romcom with a meet cute as original as it gets. Amy Daws has just become my new favorite go to for great romance!Sponsored Ad - Royally Tricked: A Laugh-Out-Loud Royal Romance   Misha Bell’s hilarious rom-com, Royally Tricked, had me laughing from the start. Gia, a spitfire trickster, with more than an ace up her sleeve and the ability to woo any spectator, especially the masculine sex, also has a sanitary, ziplocked heart. Not that Gia doesn’t believe in love or want a happily ever after, but the line she’d have to cross to get there might be more than her germaphobia can take. Permanently traumatized by a bird massacre that happened on her parent’s farm when she was a child, Gia and her sisters are afflicted with different forms of life intolerances. Gia’s phobia includes touching anyone, so this has been an ongoing problem when it comes to finding love, even if it comes in a royally, drop-dead-gorgeous package. Prince Anatolio is a sexy, thrill seeker, who desires more than Gia’s help breathing underwater. He wants to steal her breath and heart. Okay, first of all, I thought this was a super cute fairy tale rom-com with lots of wit and originality. I loved the author’s sassy voice but could have done without the graphic description of Porn-therapy. Truth be told, I can’t watch surgery on television shows either. That being said. I laughed out loud and loved all the playful banter between characters. I actually thought the novel could have been longer getting to the climax, but hearing Jason Clarke read the sexy epilogue will surely have readers listening to more or Misha Bell’s sinfully funny stories. I still give it five stars because the dialogue in the heroine’s head was a detailed real account of human body-contact. It was a quick listen and highly entertaining.

I have read every one of Moriarty’s books, and I must say, it is rare for me to read every book by any author. I was surprised to see anyone give this book less than four stars, since it was riveting from the beginning to the end. So many diverse characters, a never ending twist of plot, meandering thoughts that touched on every feeling a family could have, and personal traits revealed in each character that made the reader look inside themselves. It made me question my own feelings and actions. A competitive tennis family, a random stranger, a lifetime of guilt, love and regrets make the perfect backdrop for a missing person’s case. I love how this author comes up with such original scenarios for each story but doesn’t lose her intriguing and talented voice. It would be hard for me to pick my most favorite Moriarty book, but I thought this story was a real winner. I look forward to and anxiously await the next!I looked at the cover of this book and put it on my to-read list. Before downloading, I read the sample, and then I just kept reading. I’m usually a stickler for reading books in the order I download them in, but this book was so entertaining from the start, that I couldn’t put it down. I loved that the author used a woman in her forties. The plot was fun, the hero was young, confident, mature and sexy. I highly recommend this for a quick, entertaining, and uplifting read. Author Adite Banerjie writes a lovely and entertaining romance!

American Dirt (Oprah's Book Club)


Recently my book club chose Jeanine Cummins’s novel, American Dirt. I didn’t know anything about the novel, except it was an Oprah’s Book Club book. I listened to the sample on Audible and wasn’t sure what I would think about the novel. As I listened, the opening scene was full of action, and I knew it was probably worth the 1 credit. I wanted to attend the next book club meeting, so I downloaded it. Listening has its perks because a narrator can really give a story life, but it has its disadvantages because you can’t see the grammatical structure. I was a little confused sometimes about who was speaking since one moment we are in Luca’s head and the next in Lydia’s. I’m used to one or two points of view, but this book had many POVs and that was different than the norm. However, this didn’t distract from the amazing story being told. When I went to search about the author and why the POV was different, I saw all the political statements being tossed around and chose to ignore them. Fiction is fiction, and good fiction is sometimes hard to find. I enjoyed this realistic story that brought light to the plights of immigrants, the danger they are fleeing from, and the incredible risks they take making the journey across closed boarders. All politics aside, no matter what side you stand on, this is an amazing novel about a woman who loves her child and will do anything to protect and bring him to safety. I really enjoyed the book and hope others will enjoy it too.

The Last Daughter: Based on a True Story of One Girl's Courage in the Face of Evil by [Belle Ami]   Award winning author, Belle Ami, crafts a true story of courage, loss and endurance woven through the devastating strands of time and history. The harrowing tale of her mother’s real past starts from the tender age of ten. The Last Daughter begins just before Hitler’s troops invade Poland. The author describes the young life of her mother, Dinale (Dina) through six years of torture, heartbreak, and courage. Innocence, love, laughter, and curiosity are a great part of the Frydman family before the invasion. The ongoing discussions and concerns about growing anti-Semitism before the war build a sense of impending doom. The thoughts and actions of the characters as they are moved along like cattle portray an accurate depiction of the human psyche and lends credit to the author’s depiction of the travesty. Belle drives home how quickly things can be swept away and rights lost where happiness and freedom were once taken for granted. Young, fragile, suddenly orphaned and living at the factory where she works, Dina makes her way through Nazi Poland and claws her way to a destiny she could never have fathomed. This compelling and poignant story, even in its tragic moments, is remarkable and heart lifting. It is amazing this Nazi survivor could endures so much at such a tender age. Luck, fait, the destiny to survive, Dina beats all odds and lives to tell the history of her ancestors and the atrocities of WWII. Today, she still stands in the face of evil, and her story will hopefully keep the vigilance of freedom alive. Shock, horror and devastation of a true account of one of the youngest holocaust survivors will keep you rapt in the story, but courage, determination and perseverance will encourage you to read until the very end. Belle’s portrayal of her mother’s history is a wonderful acknowledgement and gift to her mother and other survivors so that we can never forget. Don’t miss this captivating story, The Last Daughter.


Teri Barnett’s, Romance is Murder, is a fun, upbeat murder-romance that will have you turning pages with ease. This feel-good story–what, you say? Feel-good? That’s right. Canny Captain Morgan is tired of seedy Detroit and is ready to return to her small-town roots of Bijoux, MI. Thinking it will all be smooth sailing and great coffee cake, Morgan Hart can’t wait to fill her dad’s shoes at the local police department and take a break. But Bijoux’s not the same sleepy lakeside area she remembers. Now it’s cute, campy  and filled with tourists. As she arrives, the first murder in a hundred years takes place, and some locals are looking at her as the reason why. Romance author’s bodies are starting to pile up, but the writers retreat at the Fire Fly hotel is still on, and so is the killer. Is it her high school rival, who is determined to make her look like a fool or her late husband’s murderer? Could it be the handsome book store owner, who sets her off right from the start? He did invite the victims. You won’t have any problem reading to find out ‘who done it.’ With the wit and savvy of Ivanovich and DeLeon, Barnett is on the right track with this delicious and murderous series.


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West With Giraffes, by Lynda Rutledge

  West With Giraffes, by Lynda Rutledge, is a heart-warming adventure about a teenaged dust-bowler who is down and out, a red-hot, aspiring, young reporter with a broken heart, and a determined zoo worker with a love of animals...

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