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Belated Birthday Gift!


I was helping my mother clean out her garage and donate items she no longer wanted. She handed me a box of books that belonged to my sister and told me to donate them. I love old books, and all books for that matter…so I stashed them in my Jeep and took them home. Lucky I did, because at the bottom was a box of old photos and an album of poems written by my great grandfather from 1951-1965. I had heard about this collection of poetry, but had never seen it. My sister had said she would find it one day and show me…and a few weeks after my birthday, she did…or so I prefer to believe.

There are about 100 poems in the album. His words ramble over patriotism, humor, religion and nature. He took night courses in writing and submitted a few pieces of his work to a news paper that were published. I come from a family of writers and finding this made me proud. Not all of the poetry is excellent, but the fact that he poured his thoughts onto paper and tried is what matters. My great grandfather died when I was six. I loved him very much. I still miss him to this day, and was ecstatic to find his writing. It helps the adult me to know the adult he was. He was a giving soul, with a creative mind and passionate heart, who tried to discern life with his words. His poem above, I would Like to be a Writer, says it all.

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