Minette Lauren
Romance with a Tickle

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Gingerbread Kisses cover
Gingerbread Kisses

Hot in Magnolia Book 4

From rising star to fallen angel, Ginger Lynn Harding has stumbled onto hard times. With the tabloid hounds hot on her heels, she contemplates tarring and feathering her ex-boyfriend for releasing a sex tape that she never knew existed. With her past indiscretions floating around Tinseltown, Ginger needs to get away, and fast.

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Hot in Magnolia Series

Champagne Kisses cover
Champagne Kisses

Hot in Magnolia Prequel
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After crashing her minivan into Hank’s Honkey-Tonk on the way to get groceries, single mom, Lexi Nash finds herself alone with a double shot of whiskey and an intoxicating man. Down on her luck, with a ranch that’s bleeding her dry, Lexi can’t imagine what the sexy bar owner, Noah Harding, sees in her. But, after one night out, they’re tumbling into her king size bed….

hot romantic hopeful
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Cupcakes and Kisses
Cupcakes and Kisses

Hot in Magnolia Book 1

Magnolia, Texas, might be booming with single men, but as far as Melvina Banks is concerned, it’s a bust. Between her volunteer work with the Magnolia Blossoms, tutoring at the local library, whipping up cupcakes for the local firefighters…

romantic humorous delicious
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Five Alarm Kisses cover
Five Alarm Kisses

Hot in Magnolia Book 2

Firefighter Raphe Nash has been in some hot situations, but none as scorching as the five-alarm fire that almost took his life. As the new captain of the Magnolia fire department, Raphe is determined to overcome his job-related pressures and keep a cool head. Easier said than done when he meets the hot new waitress at The Cupcake Diner and Dive.

romantic humorous hot
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Double Trouble Kisses cover
Double Trouble Kisses

Hot in Magnolia Book 3

Tabitha Graham hasn’t played the switch-a-roo game with her identical twin, Taylor, since high school, but when her big sis “by one minute and thirty-two seconds” offers her a first-class ticket to Greece, Tabitha can’t say no..

humorous romantic steamy
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The Soul Watcher Series

Race for the Sun
Race for the Sun

The Soul Watcher Book 1

Soledad confronts the failures of her last life, having committed suicide when things became too difficult. As she moves forward intothe soul-watcher’s phase of the afterworld, , she picks from a list of struggling souls to guide and guard…

fiction suspense paranormal
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Guardian Series

Chase the Moon cover
Chase the Moon

The Guardian Series Book 1

The past and the future both exist in the in-between, but fate is never what you think…In the midst of the rocking 1980s, with glamorous pop stars and unlimited possibilities, Regan Hope Landry knows her destiny has got to be better than working at the Piggly Wiggly… .

young adult paranormal magical realism
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Zari Reede Books

Sins of the Sister
Sins of the Sister

Lana Madison is a twenty-three-year-old, unconventional private investigator, who is searching for the men who abducted her identical twin…

suspense mystery thriller
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Blinked—A Zany Urban Fantasy

Mindy Nichols, an agent of the Inner Space Monitoring Alliance Team “ISMAT,” is about to set the Crescent City on its ear…

fantasy comedy romance
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Daisy Dukes 'n Cowboy Boots
Daisy Dukes ‘n Cowboy Boots

When big-city lawyer, Nolan Anderson, rolls into her small West Texas town, Ferina Kincaid goes into a tailspin of worry over losing her family’s ranch…

romance comedy western
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Latest Blog

The Dixie Apocalypse, by Richard Fossey

In Richard Fossey’s, The Dixie Apocalypse, it’s not one disaster that strikes, leaving humanity in peril, but a lagnappe of misfortune that leaves the United States in ruins. In the new times, Willoughby Burns, a former lawyer and professor...

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