Chase the Moon

The Guardian Series – Book 1

In the midst of the rocking 1980s, with glamorous pop stars and unlimited possibilities, Regan Hope Landry knows her destiny has got to be better than working at the Piggly Wiggly like her mother, Rona. Beaten down by poverty and missed opportunities, Rona doesn’t rank high on Regan’s respect list. On the brink of turning eighteen and setting the world on fire with her singing talent, Regan yearns to escape their podunk town of Bonne Fete, Louisiana, and head for the Crescent City. And now she can do it, thanks to her deadbeat dad breezing back into their lives and giving Regan a car. Speeding off to New Orleans, Regan chases her dream of being in a real rock band. Her sassy, tag-along sister, Rain, is too young to ride her coattails everywhere, but Regan can’t seem to shake her. When a crusty old psychic, tells Regan what she wants to hear about her future, the spitfire goes all out, performing her original song, “Walk on Water,” at a hole-in-the-wall club in the French Quarter. After the resident band’s gorgeous guitar player singles her out, Regan is more determined than ever to grow up fast and leave her past in the dust. After all, she was born to belt out her songs on stage to thousands of adoring fans. Confronted by an angel, seduced by a devil, Regan stakes her claim to become a superstar, but every decision she makes could mean losing as much as she wins — and every choice could mean risking her very soul.


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In Richard Fossey’s, The Dixie Apocalypse, it’s not one disaster that strikes, leaving humanity in peril, but a lagnappe of misfortune that leaves the United States in ruins. In the new times, Willoughby Burns, a former lawyer and professor...

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