Five-Alarm Kisses

(Hot in Magnolia Book 2)

What does it take to keep your cool in Magnolia?

  • Don’t watch over loose ladies, especially if she’s your sister in-law’s wayward basset hound.
  • Do take cream with your coffee at the diner because it’s as hot as the waitress who serves it.
  • Don’t bet on love unless you’re prepared to risk it all.

Firefighter Raphe Nash has been in some hot situations, but none as scorching as the five-alarm fire that almost took his life. As the new captain of the Magnolia fire department, Raphe is determined to overcome his job-related pressures and keep a cool head. Easier said than done when he meets the hot new waitress at The Cupcake Diner and Dive.

Social worker Nina Salas cares about helping people, especially children, but after a fire claims the life of her ex-fiancé and destroys everything she owns, Nina crashes and burns. Staying with her cousin in Magnolia and working at the local diner is about all she can handle as she figures out her next move. Nina wants marriage and kids, but she refuses to fall for another guy who isn’t fit to commit. But when Nina meets Raphe, a firefighter with a bad-boy reputation and a sculpted body to ignite her fantasies, she teeters between taking a chance on love or walking away before her life goes up in flames…again.

Hot in Magnolia

Five Alarm Kisses is the second book in the delicious new romantic comedy series, Hot in Magnolia, by award-winning author Minette Lauren.

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