Gingerbread Kisses

(Hot in Magnolia Book 4)

From rising star to fallen angel, Ginger Lynn Harding has stumbled onto hard times. With the tabloid hounds hot on her heels, she contemplates tarring and feathering her ex-boyfriend for releasing a sex tape that she never knew existed. With her past indiscretions floating around Tinseltown, Ginger needs to get away, and fast. Before her fall from grace, she was famous and rolling in dough, but now she can’t even afford a ticket home to Dallas. Not that she would get on a plane, since her fear of flying was the catalyst that started the whole mess in the first place. Luckily, her cousin, Celia, has stepped in to help Ginger get a job at the famous Cupcake Diner and Dive in Magnolia. It’s the best option she has until the seedy story blows over, and she can launch a new career for herself on Broadway — or maybe, off-off Broadway if she can hang onto her dwindling funds.

Roland Karr believes in self-discipline and following the rules. As Magnolia’s deputy chief of police, Roland prides himself on protecting the community and maintaining law and order. His one indulgence is attending the weekly outdoor classic Hollywood movie night. When he nabs a Lauren Bacall look-alike for speeding, Roland is surprised that he lets the sassy beauty off the hook, but he can’t help it. She looks like she could use a break. Under Roland’s stoic exterior beats a soft heart. However, he soon wonders if bending the rules was a mistake. The alluring woman is hiding something, and despite his good cop instincts, Roland can’t shake the feeling something bad is cooking in her past. Will the sassy new gal cool her heels long enough for him to find out why she’s looking in the rearview mirror, or will she speed away with his heart?

Hot in Magnolia

Gingerbread Kisses is the fourth book in the delicious romantic comedy series, Hot in Magnolia, by award-winning author Minette Lauren.

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