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  London Time (Lost in Time Book 1) by [Belle Ami] Belle Ami’s time travel historical romance London Time (Book 1 in the Lost in Time Series) introduces us to Emily Christie, a modern-day English rose ex-pat, living it up as a fashion editor in The Big Apple. When her two single best friends come to stay at her apartment for the weekend, the three attend an art gallery opening at the Met. Touring through the exhibit, Emily Christie finds herself hurled back home to London but in the wrong time period. She ends up in the 19th century where she meets Colin Remington, an aristocrat with a nose for solving murders. Not knowing how long she will be displaced from her modern-day life, Emily takes on a position as a journalist, helping women find a stronger foothold in Victorian society. While assisting Colin in his hunt to find a serial killer reminiscent of Jack the Ripper, Emily finds herself falling for the handsome yet stoic Lord Remington. Without giving too much away, I can say that this is one of my favorite Belle Ami novels, since her amazing Out of Time Series. Eloquently written with just the right amount of historical detail, fantastic events and heated romance, London Time is the perfect book to escape and whisk the reader away from the trials of everyday life to the fantastically alluring past. This author’s knowledge of art and history create a realistic account of what might occur in a real time-travel situation. Highly entertaining and a real page turner, don’t miss London Time. I’m looking forward to the next in this engaging series. I downloaded this book for my bookclub and had no clue what to expect. I’m glad I did! The book is about a story of a slave that follows the life of his master, Agrippa. Through the turbulent times of the Roman Empire, Blastus finds a wife, becomes a father, gains his freedom, and stands next to his friend, Agrippa, with honor. Without giving too much of the story away, what I liked about this book was the descriptive passages about the everyday life of the common Roman citizen and the depiction of just how unstable life was at any level. There is a religious message to the story, as if follows the history of Jesus’s crucifixion, but the main characters suffer other hardships that parallel this event. The Counterfeit Coin is an engaging story about Rome, ancient history and human nature.

Three Rules by [Marie Drake]

In Marie Drake’s, Three Rules, Hope is a young and capable adult who has finally gotten away from the one person who has tortured her for most of her life. With two loving parents who have done everything to make her life perfect, what could be so wrong? Luther, has done everything a loving stepfather could do to make sure Hope knows she is loved, especially making her mother happy after a bad break with Hope’s real father. But Luther has a brother, and Uncle Lucas is too loving, cornering Hope alone, manipulating her fear and using it against her to get just what he wants. His coin phrase, “A promise is a promise,” haunts her even after he is gone. After Uncle Lucas’s luxury boat is found with no sign of him on board, it is assumed he is dead, and a funeral ensues. Hope is finally released from the manipulation that tortures her, but memories of the past have engraved blueprints of inappropriate intimacy on her soul, something she can’t erase to share a normal loving relationship with her lifelong friend Joey. Two families who share a business and friendship are intertwined, but spikes of distrust, lies and secrets wedge between them, scattering their alliances and their lives. A pregnancy, a suicide, random attacks and a feeling that someone is watching Hope, keeps her nerves frazzled and her heart racing. After Lucas’s death, things were supposed to get better, but nothing is quite what it seems. A page turning thriller with a hint of romance. Don’t miss this twisty tale of a woman’s journey to leave a predator in the past and heal herself for a real chance at forgiveness and love.Run, Rose, Run: A Novel   Run Rose Run is a fast-paced novel with turn after twisty turn to keep the pace. I kept the audio on play almost non-stop until the end. After listening to Patterson’s memoire, James Patterson, I was intrigued to hear the book he co-wrote with Dolly Parton. I was not disappointed. Dolly is a great narrator along with the other great talent in this audio book. Ethan’s voice was as smooth and sultry as the book painted him. The story is a hopeful dream that keeps you rooting for Annie Lee Keys and Ethan until the very end. A Nashville rising star who has the talent to go all the way is haunted by a past that keeps dragging her back into her deepest nightmare. With the way to the top paved in gold and all the big breaks falling at her feet, can Annie finally escape her past and wake up to a bright reality? I love a great story about any aspiring young artist, and this story reminded me of my book, Chase the Moon. Ruth Anne makes a pretty fabulous guardian angel, and I enjoyed the warmth that her character brought to the story. The songs in Run Rose Run are catchy even if they are read and not sung. I was really hoping to hear Dolly sing, but nothing was disappointing about this novel! I will be reading more of James Patterson. If you haven’t read his autobiography, make sure you do, especially if you are a writer. His stories are entertaining and it’s a quick listen read by the man himself. Fast-paced, engaging and a feel good story with a thrilling edge, don’t miss Run Rose Run.The Sweet Goodbye (A Danny Barrett Novel Book 1) by [Ron Corbett] The Sweet Goodbye, is the first installment in the Danny Barrett Thriller Series, by Ron Corbett, and if this book is any indication of how the subsequent novels will read, I’m all in. I heard about this book through a mutual mystery lover, and I was intrigued by the cover. I liked the narrator’s voice (one of the best Narrators I’ve heard), so I decided to download the Audible version. The writer’s description of setting and character were poetic and engaging, and his weaving of intrigue and mystery read like I was sitting in the movie theater, watching the details of the story play out. Young Barrett plays the role of an undercover agent posing as a tree marker in a small Maine town. Travis Lee has all the makings of a Southern Comfort Good Ol’ Boy. Miss Fontaine is as hot as Jessica Rabbit, but sly as a fox. Money laundering, drugs, missing persons and homicide have all the makings of a good who done it, but the page-turning element for me was the why. This hardboiled thriller was methodical and highly entertaining. Readers who enjoy Jack Reacher and the Prime Series, Jack Ryan, will love Corbett’s, The Sweet Goodbye. A soulful story of a young girl, nicknamed Bone, that outlines the love and abuse she suffers from the early years of childhood to young adulthood. Absorbing the family stories told and watching her wild uncles and tired aunts, Bone learns what the role of adulthood means. At the tender age of six, waiting for her mother to bear a third child with her second husband, Bone experiences what life is like when thrust into the wrong hands. Wading through the fetid waters of growing up a Boatwright in Greenville, South Carolina, Bone morphs into a sassy twelve-year-old with nothing left to lose. Through pain, desperation and indignation, she tries to hide the shame she feels to keep the peace and to be normal. All she craves is the love of the one person she needs most, her momma. Southern born and poor, life isn’t easy, but with the love and heavy hand of her stepdaddy Glenn, she emerges angry, disillusioned and desperate for acceptance and freedom. Bone’s desire to find her true self becomes a farce as she looks around at the adults in her family, who keep making bad decisions. Dorothy Allison pens a compelling story that shines a light on the effects of sexual and physical abuse, and reflects the lifetime sentences of the young, innocent and powerless. In an attempt to show how children can never control the cruel intentions of inappropriate adult’s actions, Bastard Out of Carolina will make you feel sad, helpless and angry emotions, but it’s a wonderful and moving read. The hardest part to stomach is the Afterward at the end. Written to spread awareness, Bastard out of Carolina is still being censored and banned. I’ve met Bone-girls and Bone-boys who have grown into shattered or broken adults. Looking away will never help to stop the cycle of abuse. I hope many people will find this book and share its content in the hope that others can be saved from the lifetime of pain that Bone suffered.  


A friend of mine recommended this book. I don’t usually read memoirs, but it sounded interesting so I downloaded it. The recount of Denise O’Donnell Adams’s life reads like a fiction novel—not because I don’t believe it, but because the way she writes captures the attention of the reader and doesn’t let them go. She invites you behind the darkest screens of her life as she confronts the monsters from her early years. There were times when I laughed, covered my mouth in surprise, cringed and felt my stomach fall in sympathy and horror. The 1950-70s were a different time to raise kids, and raising ten had to be a challenge. In this modern era, where parents are held accountable for so much, it’s amazing that previous parent generations were held accountable for so little. I commend this author for telling her story and drawing awareness to topics such as neglect, alcoholism, sexual abuse, drug abuse, mental disorders and questionable love. My only complaint was how it wrapped up so quickly. I wanted to read more. Maybe another book in the future about surviving abuse and finding success will come next. Looking forward to reading more from this heartfelt author.

I first ran across this author on Instagram, and I was happy to see she wrote romances with mature characters for readers who have lived past their college sweetheart days. I love all romance tropes, and after reading past the fun college love, this one became complex. Ruby has lost a lot at an early age, but when she loses her college sweetheart, she leans on her yiayia and her sister to pull her through. Plagued by anxiety that’s complicated with agoraphobia, she’s too embarrassed to go to her first love, Vander, and tell him about her fears. The idea of getting on a plane is too much for Ruby, and the responsibilities she acquires when her Papou dies, is enough to seal their fate.

Everyone deserves a second chance, but a lot of things have changed since Ruby last saw Vander. He now has a son, and the love she’d hoped for seems just out of reach. Still battling her inner demons and not leaving her safe zone, things are too complicated to make a go of their relationship again, but will they get some sort of reprieve?

Broken Road, by Devin Sloane, is aptly named because of the zig-zag-life-zingers that Vander and Ruby navigate and the time it takes to see this love through to its happy ending. I liked that the characters battled real problems and life circumstances that weren’t always working in their favor. It’s a long-contemporary romance that shows Ruby’s journey to find stability in life while helping her family to succeed and stay together. Vander has his journey too, and sometimes making the right choices hurts more than the years apart can repair. A real heartwarming story, stitched with love, loss and the dedication to see things through.

I can think of a lot of fishing metaphors that apply to sexy romance or just everyday life, but this super original meet cute in a bait shop had me hook, line and sinker! Next in Line, by Amy Daws, is the second book in the, Wait With Me Series, but all the books can be read as stand alone. Book one is about Kate and Miles at the Tire Depot, but this story is about Miles’s little sister, Maggie, and his best friend, Sam, looking to tackle some adventure. Maggie is hiding out in Boulder, CO while trying to pick up the pieces of her heart. Sam is a confirmed bachelor, who knows better than to fall in love. When super-hot Maggie rolls into Marve’s Bait Shop, looking for bait, Sam decides to play the role of knight in shining armor and ice fishing guide. When young and inexperienced meets older and wiser, someone gets reeled in. Maggie thinks she knows exactly what she wants. She is on a mission to get it, and she does land the big one— but it might be more rod than she can handle, because Sam turns out to be her big brother’s best chum. Sam may be buying Tire Depot, which will make him Miles’s boss, but if Miles finds out that Sam is showing his little sis more than just a little outdoor adventure, Sam will be as good as the minnows Marve sells for bait. Don’t miss this super fun romance that will leave you wanting more, Wait With Me, stories to fulfill your romantic reads!
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