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Dark Alliance, by Deanna Browne

Dark Alliance (Dark Rising Book 3)

A green dragon demon, soultrons, a coven of beautifully sculpted witches, a baffling cult of worshipers, a powerful seer, magicians around every corner, a dedicated and determined mundane, and many more exciting characters take part in Deanna Brown’s third installment of the Dark Rising Series. The author does an amazing job of bringing the reader up to date with all that has happened in the previous books. It’s not necessary to read books one and two to enjoy this third part of this adventure, but I highly recommend it.

In this exciting fantasy, Becca faces very real problems in the wake of their last winning battle. Like all powerful positions, when destroyed, a vacuum is created and the power shifts. To Peter’s dismay, Lazero finds himself at the top of the food chain and beckons him to attend service. We see a lot more of Elizabeth, Becca’s sister, in this story and watch Caleb’s romantic interest develop. Becca and Darian find themselves venturing to South America to unveil the secrets of the portal between worlds and to find out where Lazero draws his strength.

I imagine battle music; great war drums, horns and trumpets in the background as the story dips in and out of each character’s thread. Together, they braid an alliance to take over the evil ruler, Lazero and his army of soultrons. Against insurmountable odds, it’s a battle to the death, without a lot of hope in sight for the rebel forces. The clock was ticking, and I felt it as I turned every page, wondering just how the author planned to bring it all home. Never a dull moment and cheering for their future, I enjoyed reading this story that tapped into real power plays in government, with realistic maneuvers and three-dimensional characters. Don’t miss this wonderful, imaginative series by Deanna Browne. I look forward to reading more of her adventures.

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