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I know the clock is ticking and it’s time to choose what to do with the manuscript. I googled publishers and publishing, and apparently the world of publishing is changing. Anyone can post their book to Amazon for free and receive 70% commission! There are web sites that will create a digital book cover for you at a whopping $5, and if you can market your book well enough, you will earn higher placement in Amazon’s suggested reads. As I mentioned in my last blog, I read 99% from my Kindle or Kindle app. I haven’t entered a Barnes and Noble in a very long time, except when I went to see what books were in print. The problem is editing. It’s is a major issue with these fly by night publishers, and though there is a good story being told, the reader loses interest when there are too many errors. I’m not the best at editing, and my love of story telling makes me blind to misplaced commas, too many exclamation points and dialogue tags with action tags. This concerns me. If I want to read a story that has minimal grammatical flaws, so do other readers. If an E publisher isn’t perfecting the book before its out there for everyone to read, people might avoid future downloads from that publisher… Hence put my titles aside and opt for easier reads. I can see where someone who understands kindle publishing could make a mint at uploading other people’s books with minimal cost and score half the profit. So who do I trust to publish?

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