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Exposed, Tip of the Spear Thriller Series, by Belle Ami

In Exposed, book four, Tip of the Spear Thriller Series, Belle Ami brings the reader to the pinnacle of espionage, love and danger. Iran’s ongoing determination to stockpile weapons of mass destruction, and determination to destroy Israeli and its other enemies, lands Cyrus back in action. When an Iranian diplomat is put on a hit list, a professional assassin is sent to murder the entire family. The diplomat that changed sides against his own regime is silenced, but his daughter, Jazmin Amin, survives the blast. After losing everyone she loves, including her fiancé the night before her wedding, she pushes forward to find Cyrus Hassani, the only man she can trust.

Cyrus’s wife, Layla, returns from self-defense training with the IDF to see her beloved daughter and husband, only to be thrust back into the heat of an Iranian threat. Posing as tourists on a vacation in London the couple meets with other Mossad agents in an attempt to help Jazmin recover important information left by her father. At the time of her father’s death, Jazmin’s cousin and his girlfriend are leading a resistance in Tehran against the Iranian government. When the couple’s identity is blown in the coup, Zara and Mustafa are sent in to extract them to safety. These characters with a past, from book three, return to the fray at Aryeh’s request in exchange for a clean slate. Mustafa’s previous life as a terrorist can finally be put behind them, and they can finally live a normal life, but at what price? Zara has a secret, but she’s willing to put things on hold to help the man she loves.

Aryeh might have loved Zara in the past, but realizations of what could have been clash with the new prospects of her life and his. Assigned to protect young Jasmin, he attempts to find common ground between them, revealing his past and opening his heart. When Jasmin is captured under his watch and a plan to recover her goes wrong, Aryeh tries to understand what he sees in the fallout. Confused by her relationship with her captor and his own passion to be with her, everything is riding on what happens next.

Belle Ami weaves a non-stop action thriller that will keep you guessing. I had the sense of a ticking bomb in the background, which made it hard to put down. With so many characters, government factions, good guys and bad it was surprising and impressive that the author could keep everything in sink. Though it is a series, the author makes the stories from the past clear with seamless clues. Even the bad guys had a story to tell that bent your ear to listen and empathize. All the key elements for success. Romance, intrigue, action, danger and everything riding on the tip of a spear.

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