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Five ways I Procrastinate Writing…


I love to write. When I sit down to the task, it is a flowing process that makes creating characters easy. I’m not sure why I get so sidetracked, but there are about five different things I can not seem to avoid. #1…My dogs. I love them dearly and most days they are content to sprawl around me while I work, but other times they say enough!…or Ruff Ruff! If you can pet the computer, you can pet me. Houdini is known to try to type every now and then. Leo just likes to reformat all my work. #2 Clutter… I can not work if there are dishes in the sink, laundry in the hamper or things strewn around my bedroom. I actually clean my house before the lady comes to clean, ugh. #3 Working out…this comes before writing about 75% of the time. I feel guilty if I am not writing, but even more guilty if I don’t exercise and sit around. #4 Family and Friends…I love to go to lunch, so one text or phone call and I am out the door to enjoy the afternoon socializing. #5 Social Media…I am not a woman of the new millennium. I missed out on Social Media trends of the 2000’s and I am still trying to catch on. I admit, I really don’t get it. Selfies, what I had for lunch, who I am following, etc… but it is a necessary evil in the publishing world.

Now that I have that off my chest, back to writing;-)

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