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Habsburg Dream…


It’s been an amazing week in Vienna with a two day excursion to Prague. I minored in History at University, but didn’t study a lot about the Habsburg dynasty. I wish I had. Vienna has the most amazing Baroque architecture and perfect city layout. Old Vienna is captured within the ring road, that used to be a city wall. It fortified the smaller population in earlier times. With progressive changes intended to grow the dynasty, the wall was removed so that Vienna would grow and evolve.

During my stay, I attended the Vienna Opera for a stellar performance, dined at several Michelin stared restaurants, walked through the many palaces, museums and abbeys, and was fortunate enough to stay at the Imperial Palace Hotel. I spent two days in the old city square of Prague and toured several abbeys along the Danube outside of Vienna. My writer’s mind is buzzing and I have fodder for story telling when I fly back to the states.

I did have a fantastical vision/dream while staying in the Elizabethan Suit of a man in a red coat with a gold brocade. It was about a fine dinner party or ball and a sinister murder. I couldn’t sleep afterwards to say the least, but I have searched the internet and found nothing, so I will just have to contend that some dreams are just dreams.

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