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Hands Across The Water…


I was lucky enough to spend Spring Break in Vail, CO skiing. I love the sport and the beauty of the Colorado Rockies. I spoiled myself with lavish meals, wine, massages, and hot tea! I travel a lot and enjoy seeing the world, but every now and then something calls to me and I feel obligated to share its voice.

While staying in LA, Summer of last year, I wrote about the song, Change Gonna Come. It haunted me in the hotel room the morning of July 22, 2015. I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I researched the song and found that Sam Cooke had been killed not far from where we were  staying. He apparently had sang at the lighthouse our room faced. I didn’t yet know, the morning I wrote the blog in Long Beach, that my sister had died at home in Texas. I now look back and think that the song/presence was a warning of the sorrow to come. Sam Cooke was a master of Soul, but I never knew his music until that ominous morning.

This time, staying in Vail, I was visited by another presence. I did not know the owners of the hotel suite we stayed in and had never taken the time to look at the art work on the wall until two days after checking in. I had a dream while awake. Later in the morning my husband pointed out a memorial hanging on the wall of our sitting room. It was a small photo tribute to a daughter who was lost in the 9-11 attacks. My anxiety had been unreasonably high all morning. The waking dream I experienced was of myself skiing, but the vision was from under the snow. It is hard to explain, but if you imagine looking through a sheet of ice, from under the tips of someone’s skis and seeing them race down the mountain, that is how I saw myself. The skis were green tipped in my dream; however, my skis are not green, and though I never really saw a bad crash in my vision, it was the negative energy that made me feel it was a warning. I did see green skis almost run over me my last day of skiing, but I avoided disaster because of my friendly ghost’s warning…or maybe the presence was trying to show me another time and place?

I wear an Evil Eye charm, that my husband bought for me in Greece, around my ankle. I noticed it was broken this morning and I asked him if it was bad luck. He said no, on the contrary, the eye had broken the bad energy.

As we packed to leave, I couldn’t get the song out of my head, Uncle Albert, by Paul McCartney. I have never been a Beatles fan. I have heard the song before, but I didn’t know the name. All I could hear over and over was the chorus, which is “Hands across the water.” This particular Paul McCartney song hit the charts in 1971, the same year as the victim of 9-11’s birth. I think it is confirmation that I was not alone in my dream, and maybe she had a message to pass on.

So for any family that might read this blog, there was something about Blue Ox run, with green skis, and Uncle Albert, by Paul Mc Cartney. Maybe I am crazy, but I am just a messenger. I am sorry for the loss. Her energy is still strong, as I am sure she was in life. In Memory of all the victim’s families of 9-11 and their loved ones lost…Hands Across the Water.

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