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Hunter’s Fated Wait, By W A Edwards

Hunter’s Fated Wait, book one in the Pine Lodge Pack Shifters Series, by W A Edwards is a futuristic story about love, courage, and a changing society built on trust and helping others. When a bad alpha pack leader makes too many bad decisions and loses control, Hunter finds himself the new alpha for the Pine Lodge pack. Determined to make things better for the shifters who are left in the community, he dives in to right the wrongs of the alpha who abused and abandoned them. There are a lot of tasks on his list, but the one bonus he hadn’t counted on was finding his fated mate.

Long ago, Ali was duped into thinking she was the Pine Lodge alpha’s fated mate, she felt like a fool when his true mate arrived on his twentieth birthday. After being away for many years, a battle ensues at Pine Lodge and devastates the pack, and Ali returns home to help pick up the pieces. With her twentieth birthday looming ahead, she wonders who her fated mate might be.

This book was filled with great action scenes and details of designing a community that works for everyone. I liked how the author explained the shifting experience and showed how a community could work together for the greater good. So many characters to like in this book. I can’t wait to hear Leo’s story and I think Kara’s is on the horizon. I look forward to more shifter stories from W A Edwards. Don’t miss out on this romantic shifter adventure.

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