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Shattered Fate, by PF Karlin

All the obsession of Fifty Shades and Twilight, PF pins a romance that will leave you wanting..,

Do you remember your first love, a college crush, that “someone” who made it impossible to think about anything else? In PF Karlin’s Shattered Fate, Belinda Davies has just met the one man she can’t live without. Robert Pennington is everything she’s ever dreamed of and he is Belinda’s first. Strong, handsome, from a family with position, part of a popular fraternity, and in love with her, Robert is the knight in shining armor she’s been dreaming of, but should Belinda heed the warning of others? His family is wealthy and upon meeting them, she feels out of her league. Robert’s ex-girlfriend, Laura, of two years doesn’t go away easy, and a few misunderstandings could lead Belinda astray. Robert says he’s made his decision and is willing to run the gauntlet to have Belinda as his forever. Getting pinned is only the beginning of the commitment he can offer, and before long they are so much more. I would love to tell the twists and turns of this poignant romance, but I don’t want to spoil the depths of the love and loss shared between these soul mates/star crossed lovers. I must say I was surprised and intrigued by the twist at the end. Didn’t see it coming and what a thrill. All the obsession of Fifty Shades and Twilight, PF Karlin pins a romance that will leave you wanting more. Don’t miss this young and in love story that will leave you routing for happily ever after.



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