Minette Lauren


Sleeping With Elvis



Fun, warm, witty and with a saucy parrot to boot! Author, Beth Carter, had me from the first page. When Pepper an Derek set their sites on a much needed vacation on Key Lime island, there is anything but romance in Pepper’s plan. After scrimping and saving all year, Pepper is on the fence about facing her fears to fly and boat her way to vacation bliss. Her loser boyfriend doesn’t help her feel secure and actually feeds her anxiety with his bad behavior. The recently out of work preschool teacher has nothing to stay in Nowhere, Arkansas for and could really enjoy a little sand and sun. After arriving in Paradise with the one ball and chain that you can’t wait for her to break free of, she finally goes ashore by herself to explore. What she finds is handsome, Ty, and he is trying to break free of a different nuisance. Pepper is the breath of fresh air he desperately needs. I love that this is not a formula romance. The author introduces characters that have real problems and make real mistakes. Though the book is a fun beach read, I hope it will send a message to women in terrible relationships that there is a way out, even if they don’t get to sleep with Elvis. Cute, charming and funny, I look forward to reading more from this author.

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