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The Alchemist



Delve into philosophy and discover the purpose of your life’s journey. I was told my book, Race for the Sun, reminded someone of Coelho’s, The Alchemist. Curious, because this book has been recommended to me before, I decided this must be a sign…or an omen;) I decided to purchase it on Audible for my next driving excursion, but couldn’t wait. 

The book is a parable about a boys life, a grand adventure to find his treasure, and meeting his personal legend. 

Full of advice about living in the present and what happens to humanity’s perspective as it ages, the book imparts wisdom and tidbits of advice given to ponder social equality and wealth’s reality. 

It reminded me of a modern self-help book, The Precious Present. 

I was happy to know I am realizing my personal legend and live in the present. I’m the Sniff and Scurry of , Who Moved My Cheese. Still, I found it to be a nice story for any age and philosophically therapeutic for anyone who needs to explore their sense of purpose. It’s a great reminder of what journey you started in your youth, where it’s taken you, and inspiration for getting back on track. With explanations about the circle of life and declaring a purpose within all of us, this story inspires the reader to grow. We are all from the soul of the Earth.


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