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The Dogs Who Came Back From Heaven : A Story About Reincarnation In Animals, by Helene Minto

A great reincarnation story about pets for all reading ages. This story made me think about my nephew, who has his first beloved dog. Losing something you love is one of the hardest parts about living, but the gift of what love brings to our lives makes it all worth it. Miley, a feisty little Terrier, and Ebony, a black and tan dachshund will steal your heart as you learn about Annie and Stewart’s love for their small pets. Like most loving canines, they get into all kinds of mischief, but the final stroke of bad luck is a misfortune of grief and misery for the entire family. I loved the warmth of the story, the loving characters and the explanation of the gift of life. Because of my own beliefs in reincarnation and the stories I write, I was drawn to, The Dogs Who Came Back From Heaven. I wanted to see what path the author would take in explaining the exit and re-entrance to our lives. Helene Minto does an amazing job of weaving a warm tale full of heart and hope. Don’t miss the collection of quotes at the end of the book. There are many enlightening sources to discover on the subject. Well written and well received, I hope to see more life adventures from this author! ~ Minette L

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