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Yes, I am back in my office to work and I have all the essentials needed to write. The beautiful view of the Ocean, my favorite writing tool, my Surface Pro, bottled Real Sugar Pepsi and a great lounge chair….but wait, who is that bird staring at my window? He is some type of grey crane that stands at least two ft tall and he wont go away! I think other guest must feed him and he is waiting for the after breakfast crowd to arrive. The last pic was from the plane. I love clouds, and this pic was pure cloud art.

I am visiting Half Moon Bay just south of San Francisco. It is one of my favorite places to visit and I even lived here for a short time, over a decade ago. It’s made me think of running on the trails with my old chocolate labs and the mist that rolls in most afternoons, sending the sun shimmering through like pieces of gold glitter. I’m not being fanciful, that is truly how it looks. When I lived here, I was in love with living. It was a euphoric time  and place.

I lay in the lounger imagining myself running today, crossing through the dense mist, over to the other side and seeing myself a decade ago. I imagined what advise I might give, and what my younger self would say or do. I often ask myself what I would change if I knew then what I know now, but after grappling with my successes and errors I always decide not to change a thing. This is where I am supposed to be…here and now.

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