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The Girl Who Adored Rembrandt, by Belle Ami

I first picked this series based on the beautiful cover and the reincarnation premise of the book. The profound historical aspect and the travel to exotic locations was a bonus for me. Alex and Angela share a love that transcends many lives and a passion for art that might be their Achilleas heal. Angela’s talents place her under the FBI’s radar when a Rembrandt painting goes missing, but Alex and his family are right by her side. The masterpiece is tied to one of Angela’s prior lives, but what role does Alex play in Rembrandt’s history? With a mystery to solve and a wedding to plan, they are again swept up in their timeless love affair.

In book two, Angela predicts the theft of a valuable painting that belongs to Alex’s family friends. In the third book, the famous work is absconded to Mexico and is placed in the hands of a notorious drug lord. While Alex and Angela explore the history of Rembrandt’s stolen painting in Amsterdam, the thief is weaving his own past, present, and future in Mexico, but love always complicates things. Does he share a part of the provenance and has his deed to please his uncle opened up Pandora’s box?

I appreciate the historical and descriptive details given by the author. The dedication she has to place the reader in the right environment to understand art history is an art in itself. With a splash of detail here and a snippet of description there, Belle Ami paints an exciting story, spinning just the right amount of facts to weave into the steamy plot. This book is romantic, mind-opening, and a great adventure to right the wrongs of the past. Don’t miss this riveting third book in Belle Ami’s Out of Time Series and learn how the future is tied to the past.

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