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The White Door, By J. Lahoud

The White Door by [Lahoud, J.]



This is one of the first books I ever reviewed on Amazon or anywhere else. For all the years I have read books as a reader, I had no idea how important my opinion was, and now that I have become a writer, it pains me that this review was zapped by Amazon. Somehow they think that I know the writer of this book, and I absolutely do not! I found the book because I saw it on a post from Twitter. After seeing it repeatedly, I read the blurb and downloaded it. I loved the book so much, that I told the writer so on her Twitter account, and I even told my hubby to read it. He did and posted a review. That is the moment they zapped my review. It is unfair, since we both read the book and placed a fair opinion of the story, but my friend suggested it may be because we placed it from the same internet IP address. I’m not sure about how it all works, but they have also ditched my review of Tonya Royston’s first trilogy and a review of our very own, Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots, from a reader that we do actually know, but would have reviewed it honestly. That being said, I wanted to post my review here.

Posted to Goodreads: This book appealed to me in so many ways. But the heroine is so down to earth and the plot so mysterious, that it keeps you wondering where the tale was forged. Wicca edged and steeped in mystery, this is a great read to fuel your thoughts on the what if. I look forward to more stories by J. Lahoud.

I will also add that I loved the setting that beckons to Julia. My sister, who passed away two years ago last month, said she visited Stonehenge and had a moment of ethereal movement. She burst into tears and said she could describe it in no other way, than that she had come home. She wanted her ashes spread there, and I am in the process of working with the park to see if this could still be done.

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