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I tend to get sidetracked by many things, but lately I feel like my contract, to keep a social media presence, has overwhelmed my writing time. There are so many things to love about modern technology. I often languishing over the convenience of the internet. Being able to find the answer to almost any question, at any time, from the cell phone in my pocket is amazing to me…so much better than when I had to go to the library. In the old days, we had to use the Dewey Decimal system to find the correct reference book to source our answers.

I wish I had a cell phone when I was a kid. School would have been much easier, but then it is all relative, isn’t it? With the ease of technology, there is the demand to produce more, to reach further, to sell harder. The publishing world has changed, therefore Authors have to make changes too. I’m not sure what a tweet really does, or how to like someone on FB, but the reality is that social media isn’t going away. It will probably grow in content and venue, escalating my frustration with the world’s ever increasing rate of achievements, leaving me woefully behind.

As I write this piece for our blog, I sigh wistfully in frustration, because I really should be using my energy to write on my book or learn more about my craft. I consider most Social Media to be a platform for Vanity. “Look at me world, I just bought this, or I just ate this, or I just traveled here, this is what I think about this or that…” I’ll be honest…I have never read a blog by an Author first and then read their book, I rarely care about the Author as an individual, except in a passing curiosity. I only care what they write and where I can find the next good read. If you are an Author, don’t be offended. It’s the craft that I am after, and I want readers to feel the same about me. Read what I created, enjoy yourself and escape from reality in my words. Forget about me, let me tell you a story…

So on that note, I am off to write, so I can eventually direct fans to an alternative to the real world!

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