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You Can’t Fence Time, by Marie Drake


You Can’t Fence Time is the second book in the Locked Hearts Series, by Marie Drake. This continuation of Jordan and Kimberly’s story is joined by Sam and Mark’s budding romance. As Kimberly sets out to build her own nest, right on top of Jordan’s apartment, she surprises the reader by spreading her wings and flying all on her own. Meeting Sam is a new turn in Kimberly’s life, or is it? Like Kimberly’s high school BFF, Sam is nice and cares about what happens to her new friend and everyone that encompasses her life. Pure of heart and trying to stay independent of love, Sam weaves an exciting but normal life as a glamorous model. Kimberly fails at an acting career but lands a fun job at an agency where Sam and Mark are employed. When Kimberly sets her sites on Mark, things get complicated in this double love triangle. Jordan loves Kimberly, but it’s unrequited. Kimberly is infatuated with Mark, but her sizzle is too much for the man who wants more than just a flash in the pan. I love that the author of this series writes flawed characters. It almost makes you wonder what the “normal” characters might be hiding behind their perfect facades. This is a fast-paced, seductive and dramatic romance with multi-faceted characters that plays out in the environment surrounding the agency. We don’t see as much of Jordan in this book as expected, but the secretive splashes of scenes that the author teases the reader with paint a tantalizing picture of what’s to come. Filled with steamy flirtation and packed with what if moments, You Can’t Fence Time is a thought-provoking novel that made this reader contemplate savoring the present. Next stop, You Can’t Fight Fate. I predict it will be the best yet

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