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You Can’t Fight Fate, Locked Hearts Series, by Marie Drake

You Can't Fight Fate (Locked Hearts)

You Can’t Fight Fate, the third and final installment of The Locked Hearts Series, wraps up an intricate plot creatively woven by author, Marie Drake. Her mixture of imperfect misfits and seemingly flawless characters go through the motions of everyday life, building dreams, surviving traumas, living after loss, and plotting better futures. The series starts with Kimberly and Jordan, but by book three there are multiple key characters with different life interests and motivations. I like the way the author worked in Kimberley’s love of plants and OCD tendencies. I think she represents someone that a lot of us know. The infatuation she has for Mark is a situation that plays out in everyday life. It made me think of the film/self-help book, He’s Just Not that Into You. Just when the reader sees the threads of the novel wrapping up in a more healthy and stable direction, fate blows a disturbing breeze into the story, making you think Jordan and Kimberly will topple under the weight of it all. After reading the first two books, I couldn’t wait to see what Marie Drake had in store for these mistreated youths, now hardworking adults. The author is honest about the characters’ short comings and even paints a picture that’s hard to embrace with empathy, but she brings you back to the beginning with a reminder that every action starts a reaction even in love. You can’t Fight Fate is a compelling story with decisive characters that make this series a real page turner.

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