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I would love to say I am doing something so glamorous as attending a writer’s conference in LA, but the truth is I am here on someone else’s coat tails. I’m not really sure what the conference is about, because I plan to lay in the sun and visit old friends…..wait, that is kind of glamorous;) I did get through a chapter of re-edits on the plane. Enjoying wine in first class doesn’t make it any less work. It just means I will have to re-edit again;p I did get an especially nice rejection letter for the book yesterday that I will share, minus the details…….

Dear Minette and V——,

Thank you so much for submitting to—–(publisher)—-. I truly enjoyed reading ——–(the manuscript). However, I truly believe your manuscript will be better placed with a publisher that doesn’t focus solely on romance as a main focal point. ———‘s main market is romance, with secondary sub plots woven in. Your book would not sell as it should if we were to offer a contract. That wouldn’t be fair to your careers or your work. I encourage you to continue searching for a publisher for your book. There are many that you would find a good fit.

I wish you the best of luck with your search!



If only all rejection was this nice…. Actually, I realize this means I am not researching the publishers well enough before submitting. I think the re-edits we are working on will finely polish the book, and snag a publisher that fits. I’m positive there is a happy end to this story;)

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