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Crowns, Coffee and Cakes, by Carol Cassada

As sweet and perfect as the title of the book, Crowns, Coffee and Cake, by Carol Cassada is the perfect diversion for an afternoon read. This novella has all the delights of a sugarplum fairytale and delivers happily ever after on a golden platter. When Princess Amelia’s tiara starts to feel like a twenty-pound brick on her head, she takes a trip to her grandparent’s place in the country with her best friend Holly. Away from the paparazzi, she takes a breather to visit family and feel a small amount of normalcy. When they step inside a local coffee shop, Amelia and Holly run into a dreamy hunk that interrupts the princess’s ability to think. Sparks fly and Amelia’s interest is more than piqued. Dylan is just the kind of guy Amelia hopes to be with, but how can someone normal deal with all the hype and responsibility that comes with a crown? Leaving out her title and the details of her life, Amelia skips over the princess story and savors the time she has with Dylan. Her grandparent’s sage wisdom and memories of her parents make her want to hold onto the possibilities of a real relationship with a good guy. But what will she do when it’s time to return to reality and palace? It’s not really a lie if you’re trying to protect the man you love, right? When the sash is pulled and all is revealed in a media frenzy, will Dylan have what it takes to be her knight in shining armor? A quick page turner to lift spirits and fuel fantasies. Don’t miss this sweet treat!

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