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Royally Tricked, By Misha Bell

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Misha Bell’s hilarious rom-com, Royally Tricked, had me laughing from the start. Gia, a spitfire trickster, with more than an ace up her sleeve and the ability to woo any spectator, especially the masculine sex, also has a sanitary, ziplocked heart. Not that Gia doesn’t believe in love or want a happily ever after, but the line she’d have to cross to get there might be more than her germaphobia can take. Permanently traumatized by a bird massacre that happened on her parent’s farm when she was a child, Gia and her sisters are afflicted with different forms of life intolerances. Gia’s phobia includes touching anyone, so this has been an ongoing problem when it comes to finding love, even if it comes in a royally, drop-dead-gorgeous package. Prince Anatolio is a sexy, thrill seeker, who desires more than Gia’s help breathing underwater. He wants to steal her breath and heart.

Okay, first of all, I thought this was a super cute fairy tale rom-com with lots of wit and originality. I loved the author’s sassy voice but could have done without the graphic description of Porn-therapy. Truth be told, I can’t watch surgery on television shows either. That being said. I laughed out loud and loved all the playful banter between characters. I actually thought the novel could have been longer getting to the climax, but hearing Jason Clarke read the sexy epilogue will surely have readers listening to more or Misha Bell’s sinfully funny stories. I still give it five stars because the dialogue in the heroine’s head was a detailed real account of human body-contact. It was a quick listen and highly entertaining.

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