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Mira, by Sudesna Ghosh

I enjoyed this novella about an Indian woman who wants a marriage that includes love and respect. The topics of domestic violence and women’s rights in marriage are sticky, but Sudesna does a wonderful job of weaving courage and strength together in many aspects. Showing generational expectations and limitations for women in India, the author gives the reader a character to cheer for. For all Mira’s past suffering, she deserves to be free from her husband, and she deserves to be loved. There are many points of view in this short story, but it gives the reader a good perspective of what the heroine is battling. I look forward to more stories by Ghosh

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Poetry and Pyres, by Zoe Tasia

Warm entertainment with fun plot and mischievous characters…. In Poetry and Pyres, A Shrouded Isle novelette, Jessie is almost all grown up and about to sail off to University. What will that mean for her budding relationship with Gavin?...

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