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Next in Line, by Amy Daws

I can think of a lot of fishing metaphors that apply to sexy romance or just everyday life, but this super original meet cute in a bait shop had me hook, line and sinker! Next in Line, by Amy Daws, is the second book in the, Wait With Me Series, but all the books can be read as stand alone. Book one is about Kate and Miles at the Tire Depot, but this story is about Miles’s little sister, Maggie, and his best friend, Sam, looking to tackle some adventure.

Maggie is hiding out in Boulder, CO while trying to pick up the pieces of her heart. Sam is a confirmed bachelor, who knows better than to fall in love. When super-hot Maggie rolls into Marve’s Bait Shop, looking for bait, Sam decides to play the role of knight in shining armor and ice fishing guide. When young and inexperienced meets older and wiser, someone gets reeled in.

Maggie thinks she knows exactly what she wants. She is on a mission to get it, and she does land the big one— but it might be more rod than she can handle, because Sam turns out to be her big brother’s best chum.

Sam may be buying Tire Depot, which will make him Miles’s boss, but if Miles finds out that Sam is showing his little sis more than just a little outdoor adventure, Sam will be as good as the minnows Marve sells for bait.

Don’t miss this super fun romance that will leave you wanting more, Wait With Me, stories to fulfill your romantic reads!

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